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Xanthe Cowden - 16 - Pureblood - Taken

Funny thing about badgers, they tend to be overlooked. Unless they’re honey badgers, Xanthe had seen one of those at the zoo once and it had been terrifying. But none of the Hufflepuffs she knew were honey badgers and they were perfectly alright with that, thank you very much. But, for the most part, Xanthe wasn’t. She was sick of people thinking that Hufflepuff was for everyone who wasn’t good enough for one of the other houses. But she’d show them. Hufflepuffs are not afraid of toil and with enough hard work, she was sure she could make her everyone see her House shine.

Hello, and welcome. Here at Hogwarts, we allow boys and girls over the age of 15 to enroll in the school. Check back for open characters, updates, and announcements.