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Molly Prewett - 16 - Pureblood - OPEN

Molly is strong and fiery and sweet, and very motherly. She’s great at spellwork and has wonderful grades. She’s loyal and a good friend, always there when you need her to be. She has a temper and tends to rant when angry. Will she settle down, or continue her full-steam-ahead lifestyle?

Narcissa Black - 15 - Pureblood - TAKEN

Narcissa is quite the lady. If you don’t know her, that is. Being the baby of three sisters, she can be quite the brat sometimes. Having grown up in a wealthy family, Narcissa has little patience for people who dress in shabby clothes, genuinely believing there to be something wrong with someone if they can’t afford nice things. Incredibly materialistic and vain, she knows how to play her cards right to get exactly what she wants out of life using simply her looks and charm. 

Gilderoy Lockhart - 16 - Half-Blood - OPEN

No one really knows how he got into Ravenclaw. He understands the workings of people’s minds, how to say the right things to get exactly what he wants, and he’s excellent with memory charms, but shoddy at best with most everything else. He’s generally overlooked, though he tries to be important. Will he get the spotlight he craves? Or will he be shown for the true character he is?

Sirius Black - 16 - Pureblooded- OPEN (Admin ships WolfStar)

Sirius hates his family, really. His little brother’s alright, but. He mostly just hates his family’s ridiculous views and rules, and so does his best to piss them off at every turn. He’s loud and confident and boisterous, and he loves a good laugh and prank. He’s unafraid of people’s opinions, and protective of his friends. Will anyone see the man behind the jokes, though?

Bellatrix Black - 17 - Pureblood - OPEN

Bellatrix is the oldest of three sisters, Adromeda, Narcissa, and herself. She is from the ‘Most Ancient and Noble House of Black’ and very, very proud of that. She dislikes anyone who is not a pureblooded, regal Slytherin. She doesn’t stand for those she considers blood-traitors or below her in any way, and she isn’t afraid to assert her dominance in any situation. She is the Slytherin Queen, and you are not allowed to forget it. Will anyone ever be able to knock her off her pedestal?

Xanthe Cowden - 16 - Pureblood - Taken

Funny thing about badgers, they tend to be overlooked. Unless they’re honey badgers, Xanthe had seen one of those at the zoo once and it had been terrifying. But none of the Hufflepuffs she knew were honey badgers and they were perfectly alright with that, thank you very much. But, for the most part, Xanthe wasn’t. She was sick of people thinking that Hufflepuff was for everyone who wasn’t good enough for one of the other houses. But she’d show them. Hufflepuffs are not afraid of toil and with enough hard work, she was sure she could make her everyone see her House shine.

Remus Lupin - 16 - Halfblood - Taken

Remus is quiet, and sharp-witted. He doesn’t really speak to anyone, he doesn’t really say anything in class, though he knows the answers. Because it’s so much easier when no one asks questions, and when no one is close enough to figure out what he is. He hides the scars and glamours the cuts he can’t, he moves quickly and silently and he stays in the shadows. Will anyone be able to get past his walls?

Lily Evans - 16 - Muggleborn - OPEN

Lily is a fantastic witch, intelligent and beautiful, Gryffindor and lovely. She’s fiery and stubborn, and sweet with a kind heart. She’s friends with most, and she tends not to be very judgmental. She’s excellent at potions, and well off in her other classes. She’s got a family she doesn’t speak about, and friends she loves dearly. Will anyone be able to tame her?

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